Try These 3 Easy Ways If You Are Struggling To Light Your Fireplace

Lighting a fireplace can sometimes be frustrating since you cannot start a fire immediately. But no worries, here are some tips and ways that you can use to light your fireplace.

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Why You Should Start a Fireplace

If you are not sure about using your fireplace, here are some reasons to prove that you should. One benefit of a using a furnace is it can give you warmth whenever your area experienced electricity blackout. It can also save you money since purchasing firewoods cost less than using heating appliances. Plus, the heat that a fireplace gives is cozy and eco-friendly. Not only you can save money, but you’re also contributing to nature’s welfare. Lastly, it’s good to invest in an efficient wood burning stove Stockport so that you can also cook using your fireplace.

Log Cabin Method

For maximum heat production, place kindling in the middle, then, put two same length logs in the side of the firebox. Make sure that the tips of the woods will touch the back part of your box. After that, you should add two logs perpendicular to the top of your first placed log. It’s essential that the newly laid woods will touch the rear of the fireplace. After forming like a box-like structure of logs, start lighting the kindling inside. You can also add another layer of wood to blaze your Stockport fireplaces further.

Upside Down Method

This method uses a variety of wood sizes.  All you need to do is to line up your logs from largest to smallest upside down. First, put the most abundant wood in the fireplaces Stockport. On top of that, lay down your next most massive log. It’s crucial to lay them perpendicular to the layer in the bottom. Keep doing this until you use your smallest size of wood for the top layer. You can add your choice of kindling on top and start a fire.

One-match Method

When using this method, you should use a wooden match instead of paper matches since you need a longer lasting matchstick. The process requires to use lots of airy material like charred cloth, dried leaves, or thin sticks. Light the matchstick but make sure to cup it with your hands to protect it. Afterward, light your tinder in four places using your matchstick. Gently blow the fire to generate more flames.  You can now put larger sticks to blaze your fireplace.

Tips When Lighting Your Fireplace

You should always keep your chimney clean. If able, hire a professional to clean your vent to avoid having unwanted fires. If you are using a fireplace that is a gas fire Stockport type, make sure that you don’t place flammable materials around it. Opening your damper will avoid excessive smoke in the room. Lastly, always use dry materials for more efficiency.

With these tips and simple ways, you can avoid the struggles of lighting a fireplace. Make sure to follow the instructions and enjoy your cozy and comforting warmth from your fireplace.