Christmas Debris

Now that Christmas is over, recycling waste will reach the most critical time of the year. Simply throwing the remains of the holiday in the general bin is the wrong thing to do.

A lot of items generally recyclable such as plastic and paper may contain foil, and designs with shimmer and glitter unsuitable for the recycle bin. Most of the used Christmas crackers, holiday paraphernalia, pigs in blankets and trays made from foil will also be unsuitable.

Options for waste disposal

Heading to your local waste disposal and recycling centre may be your best option when it comes to clearing waste. If the waste hasn’t built up too much then you might consider using your recycling bin or if there’s a little too much you can hire a wheelie bin from a local waste collection company. If you have a very large family and need to do a full house clearance then you may even go as far as hiring a skip.

Disposing of the Debris

Most individuals are throwing the Christmas remains in their recycling boxes because they believe this is the right way to handle the debris. Unfortunately, the best of intentions are often off target concerning the debris Christmas always leaves behind.

The problem is, even if most of the rubbish thrown in the box is suitable for recycling, the items that are not will cause the box to be rejected. The entire contents of the box will be taken to a landfill, and the materials that could have been recycled will be wasted. There are certain steps people can take to make certain the environment is not damaged by Christmas waste.

The Envelopes and Cards

Plain Christmas envelopes and cards made of paper can be recycled. If there us any foil or glitter on these products, they need to be thrown in the general bin.

The Wrapping paper

All of the ribbons, bows, sellotape and tags must be removed from wrapping paper. The best way to determine if the paper is recyclable is called the scrunch test. Scrunch the paper into a ball, if it does not remain scrunched up, it goes in the general bin. Only the paper that stays scrunched is suitable for recycling.

The Food

All raw and cooked food is suitable for the recycling bin. What is unsuitable are little pieces of foil or cling film stuck to the food and chocolate wrappers. If these bits cannot be removed, do not put the food into the recycling bin.

The Food Containers

Any disposable trays, party cups and paper plates should be cleaned and placed in the recycling bin. Paper plates stained with food are not recyclable.

Jars and Glass Bottles

The jars and glass bottles are recyclable, and so are the lids. Leave the lids on the jars.

The Trees

Trees should be cut into little pieces and placed in the garden waste bin. Mistletoe, holly and wreaths can also be included in garden waste.