It is fair to say that there are few fruit trees which hold a more prominent place in the public imagination than apple trees. Think of the countless interpretations of the Adam and Eve story that features an apple tree at the centre. Monet and Cezanne both painted apple trees, evoking the freshness and colour for which apple trees are rightfully famous.

The British Isles have a long, proud tradition of apple growing. There are many varieties, each with their own unique colours and flavours. With companies such as Chris Bowers & Sons you can choose from a wide variety of different apple trees, and review the virtues of each. What’s more, they can give you guidance as to the size and shape of the apple trees in question, as well as the soil in which they can flourish best.

Let’s take a look at some of the most enticing types of apple trees for sale in the British Isles, and what makes them so special.

Beauty of Bath

This is an old and storied type of apple tree frequently grown in England, and it remains popular today. Notably, it blossoms and is ready for harvesting a bit later than some varieties, coming into their own around late July. They are on the smaller side, boast a beautiful mixture of yellow-green and deep red, and are moderate in flavour. All in all, the very picture of a “traditional” English apple.

Christmas Pearmain

The history of these permains goes back to at least 1893. For as storied as these apples are among enthusiasts, however, they are much rarer now than back in their budding Victorian beginnings. These apples are partially russetted and renowned for their rich, bold flavour. What’s more, they set themselves apart by having an exceptionally late harvest time, ranging from October to January, making them ripest around December – hence the festive Christmas moniker.

Irish Peach Apples

These exquisite Irish offerings are incredibly flavourful, and quite easy to grow as well. They come into their own around August. All in all, a great “introductory” garden apple variety.

Lord and Lady Lambourne Apples

First cultivated around Berkshire in 1945, these are among the most popular garden apples in the British Isles. While consumers are more familiar with Lord Lambourne apples, the Lady’s variety is no less rich and exciting, boasting bold orange-yellow hints amongst its deep red hue.

Explore the rich history and flavour of these and other fantastic apple tree varieties today!