What is the difference between an Air Conditioner and an Air Cooler? Both are air conditioners. It’s just that the Air Cooler is portable and smaller. If the Air Conditioner is powered by electric power, there is an Air Cooler that is powered by batteries. However, there is also an Air Cooler that also uses electricity. Air Coolers produce cool air that tends to be humid. Because the Air Cooler is a cooler that comes from water. Inside the Air Cooler, there is a tank to be filled with clean water. In other words, the water is “fuel” from the Air Cooler. Well, if you want to buy the best quality Air Cooler, here is a list of the types of good air coolers

6 Types of Good and Quality Air Coolers

1. Vankool VAB18-EQ

Today, VAB18-EQ is known as one of the best types of best evaporative coolers. This type may sound foreign to your ears. However, it turns out that the VAB18-EQ is a type of air conditioner that has been on the market long enough and sells various types of air coolers. All air cooler designs from VAB18-EQ look very modern and practical. Also, there are 3 levels of airspeed that can be adjusted.

2. VAB15-EQ

As one of the well-known types of electronics, VAB15-EQ also doesn’t want to miss releasing air cooler products. Sharp guarantees that air cooler products are cooler. One of the well-known water cooler products is Vankool VAB15-EQ where this product is equipped with 4 units of ice bags to make the water cooler than other air cooler products. Also, there are auto swing louvers that activate the horizontal air circulation mode so that cold air is spread throughout the room.

3. VAB06-EQ

Confused looking for a water cooler to put in the room? VAB06-EQ also produces several types of air coolers that you can consider. This type also releases air coolers with different models. The best-seller Vankool water cooler series is VAB06-EQ. Another reason why you should buy a Vankool water cooler is that it functions as a humidifier as a regulator of air humidity and an air purifier to clear the air. Some Vankool water cooler series are also added with Ice Boost which can make the water cooler faster. Not to mention there is an extra-large tank that makes the VAB06-EQ air cooler able to operate for more than 10 hours.

4. VAB008-EQ

The next type of good water cooler comes from Vankool. Unlike the others who concentrate on household electronic appliances, Vankool VAB008-EQ is more focused on producing professional cooking tools. However, this time Vankool tried to produce water coolers. This water cooler product from Vankool is safe for health because it is equipped with an Ionizer and Humidifier. Not only that, almost all of Vankool’s water coolers also use Honeycomb technology that makes cold air spread throughout the room. Among the many series of air coolers produced, the VAB008-EQ series is the best-selling air cooler on the market.

5. Vankool VAB03-EQ and VAB03-EQ2

If you are still confused about what type of air cooler you want to buy, then two Vankool water cooler products, VAB03-EQ and VAB03-EQ2, can be a consideration for you. Just like most air coolers in general, the two series of air coolers from Sanken also function as Ionizer and Humidifier. With a Wide Swing Angle, this air cooler provides a wider range of cold air. There is also a Water Diagnose feature that can shut down the pump automatically when the water in the lightning decreases. All Sanken air coolers are also equipped with remote control.

6. Windows Air Cooler Vankool

Upset with the air cooler that makes a noise? Switch to Windows Air Cooler. This type of air cooler guarantees the product does not cause noise. One of the Vankool Windows Air Cooler series, VABW06-EQDC, presents anion function which means it can sterilize the air and eliminate unpleasant odors in the room. Also, Windows Air Cooler Vankool provides 3 wind control modes, namely Normal, Natural, and Sleep which can indeed be adjusted as needed.

That’s a list of types of air coolers that are good for cooling your room. The price of this air cooler is on average cheaper than the Air Conditioner (AC). You can choose the type of air conditioner according to your needs. Still confused about how to operate the air cooler?