Alternatives To Amazon And Walmart For All Of Your Household Essentials

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It’s a sign of these strange times: Toilet paper has turned into a hot commodity. The booze delivery business is booming. A guy in Tennessee hoarded 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to sell them off. (He eventually donated them.)

Social distancing and self-isolation are becoming norms in our lives now, as are hoarding, stockpiling, panic buying and “pandemic pantries.”

You’ve probably even seen empty shelves, full carts and long lines in your neighborhood grocery stores and local pharmacies. Since everyone seems to be searching for essentials, these products are selling fast and even selling out completely

If you haven’t found what you need at stores nearby, you might have turned to places like Amazon and Walmart, which are historically known for having almost anything you could need within two-day shipping.

(Photo: TwilightShow via Getty Images)
(Photo: TwilightShow via Getty Images)

But even the two companies are trying to keep up with increased demand. Walmart has seen increased sales for tops and not bottoms (all those Zoom meetings and sweatpants). Amazon has so many orders that it’s experiencing delivery delays and

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