Why this interior designer is changing her approach to decorating post-coronavirus

Home has become the center of the universe for most of us in the past few months. To highlight what that looks like for people across the country, TMRW is launching its My Space series. We’ll be featuring professionals from different fields each week who share their experiences with working from home while following stay-at-home orders.

Name: Chrystalla Neocleous

Age: 24

Location: Astoria, New York

Profession: Interior designer

How long have you been working from home: Since March 16

How has having to stay home affected your career and what are you doing to work around or adjust to the parameters?

Together with my parents, I run a small business that does everything from interior design to kitchen design, bathroom design and even construction. As an interior designer, the last place I expected to get stuck doing my job is from home. Being in the space you are designing is one of the most important aspects of the job. The stay-at-home order and business shutdown made that impossible. In addition to not being able to visit our clients’ spaces, all of our suppliers’ factories have been shut down and all orders are at a full stop.

Although the quarantine has

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