Bathroom designing requires as much attention as the rest of the interiors in a home. As people are realizing this, great innovations are invariably underway to maximize the efficacy and aesthetics of any bathroom, regardless of its size. Wash basins, bathtubs, shower enclosures, cloakroom suites and shower trays have evolved by leaps and bounds to keep up with the ultra-modern trend in the interior? cor industry. Shower designs are no exception, as showers are gaining importance in today’s bathrooms.

Walk-in shower designs are basically meant for space utilization and privacy in a given bathroom space. They also improve the appearance of the bathroom, due to which many people are looking for innovative ways to include shower enclosures while remodeling bathrooms. This trend has led manufacturers to provide virtually endless options for shower designs, whether it is a separate shower stall or a shower tub enclosure. Walk-in showers can even make way for a hot steam bath, creating a spa effect. A few themes and other design elements are discussed in the following section.

The spa theme pertains to an enclosure that is designed with white and pastel colors, which render a crisp appearance. Just as the word ‘spa’ generally evokes the thought of a tub, aromatic oils, dim lighting and a tranquil environment, such a shower enclosure can have a seating area and a bathtub to allow for relaxation. The shower attachment consists of multiple shower heads to replicate the spa kind of relaxation.

Rustic theme is commonly used for designing walk-in showers, as it is economical yet classy. The main feature of this design is the use of natural colors. The shower head is usually made from copper in order to match with the cabin, which is made from wood. The wooden cabin mimics a sauna room and this theme is popular in homes that have traditional interiors.

Apart from the themes, walk-in showers allow for other design features, such as door-less enclosures, which are optimal for small bathrooms, where space is a constraint. They are easy to clean, as there is no need of placing additional accessories in the space. Further, they do not give a cluttered or constricted appearance to the overall bathroom area. The popular tile designs include ceramic and granite, which create a classy look. When these tiles are laid on the walls, and are viewed through the transparent glass enclosure, the visual impact is stunning and spreads to the entire bathroom.

Shower enclosures should be built such that they do not give way for leaks. If the sealing is improper, it can frustrate the entire purpose of the enclosure. Hence, it is crucial to purchase a durable fitting that fits perfectly with the frame, with magnetic attachments or some kind of connecting mechanism. Tempered glass is considered to be a good choice, as it is thick and well-suited even for shower doors. With sleek lines, attractive finishes and simple assembly, today’s shower enclosures, stalls and other modular bathroom furniture have become the norm.