A made to measure furniture is tailor made to fit exactly your requirements in contradiction to the one you buy and is already made, in stores. These are designed to fulfil a particular set of requirements. To order made-to-measure furniture, the space measurements are first taken by a designer. Then, a base pattern is selected, one that closely corresponds with the customer’s measurements. This initial design is then altered to match the customer’s requirements. The furniture is constructed from this edited final design.

The primary benefits to the customer of made-to-measure furniture are that the furniture pieces and units will be well-fitted within the space and are created as per customer requirements.He or she has the opportunity to customise the design and detailing.

Made-to-measure is sometimes also referred to as personalization.

In recent years,custom made furniture has evolved further with new and old companies in London that have a blend of made-to-measure and bespoke approaches. A base design is used to gauge your measurements and your unique design is created electronically with software and machines with all alterations accounted for prior to cutting. Thus alleviating the need for precise fitting that is mandatory in bespoke with very minor alterations (if any) needed at the fitting and installation. Made-to-measure furniture units would be cut, usually by machine and adjusted according to the customer’s measurements.

For example : afull bedroom set by Capital Bedrooms is fully made according to the choice of the client and according the comfort of the space keeping both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The company offers tailor made solutions for all your furniture needs and also gives 10 years guarantee with after sale service benefits. All furniture manufactured by Capital Bedrooms is locally produced in their London based factory at Wembley, London, through Smart German technology machines. The edgings are seamless, giving the furniture a fine, smooth and finished look. As visible in the picture, the bed, the overhead unit, the bedside and the wardrobes on the side, everything looks classy, neat and uncluttered.

To achieve such standards for your dream home, you must carefully make a wise decision selecting an appropriate company that takes care of all your needs and turns your house into a home.