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Three Types of Winter HVAC Home Maintenance That You Shouldn’t Skip

As cold, wet weather settles in across the region, it’s important for homeowners to have dependable heating systems. An HVAC system breaks down more frequently if you ignore regular maintenance. If you’ve skipped any of the following winter home maintenance checks, then it’s time to fix this mistake before you find yourself without heat when you need it the most:

Swap Out Air Filter

The filter/filters on your heating and cooling system are designed to keep dust, dirt, cobwebs and other debris from accumulating in the interior and blowing out of vents. Any buildup can cause dangerous overheating that damages parts and reduces the estimated system lifespan. Always replace filters regularly based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific system and vacuum away any nearby debris. If you use vent grille/register filters as well, replace them following manufacturer’s guidelines or as soon as you start to notice a reduction in air quality or flow.

Hire a HVAC Professional

System parts also stop working correctly over time because of defects, natural wear and debris like mold colonies, insects and animal nests deep inside of the system or ducts where you can’t reach. Additionally, thermostats can stop working correctly and the … Read The Rest