Brighten Up Office Space: Simples Ways to Add Life in Your Office

Admit it. Despite how much you want to invite more natural lights in your office space, these are not enough, especially at night. If your office space is in the building, for sure, you will need more artificial light. If you are aiming to make it eco-friendly, there is commercial lighting houston service that can provide LED lights perfect for your workplace.

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But why switch to LED lights?

Whether you want to install commercial lighting houston in hallways or inside your office, you shouldn’t be worried because it is a great, long-term investment. Aside it gives bright lights during nights, it is cost-saving because LED only requires less energy to produce light.

What simple ways to brighten up office aside from commercial lighting houston?

Add indoor plants

Most common indoor plants are the cacti. It is common to see a cute pot of cactus to every desk. If you and your colleagues want to make a difference in your workplace, you may consider installing a track in the ceiling of your workspace, then connect each pot using a rope. Make sure to secure the knot. 

Aside from cacti, add more house plants like a snake plant, lilies, pothos, and spider plant.

Add custom arts on walls

Installed custom artwork on walls motivates every creative person. If you are working in an ad agency or any industry where art is a god, adding arts on walls will stimulate their mood. Arts also inspire creativity and encourage living and breathing the company brand.

In coffee shops, there are pieces of artworks installed on walls – these could be the reason why it is so relaxing to stay in the coffee shops.

Turn conference room interactive

You can make the conference room interactive by adding more interactive media. Retain the simple whiteboards and plexiglass mounted on walls if needed. But if you can add colorful chairs, it will be great too!

Add accent colors

Colorful accents add life and fun to the office. You can put accent colors on walls and office furniture like ottomans to complement the space and culture of your office. If your company is related to design, this is surely a good idea.

By adding colorful decors, you create personality, dimension, and brings life and brightness to the workplace. 

Add decorative lighting

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Decorative lighting adds aesthetic to the workplace. Aside from choosing the most beautiful decorative lighting, make sure the bulb is LED. You are not only making this beautify your workplace, but  you will also make it eco-friendly.

You may add a few pendant lights. By adding the right lights with decoration create a brighter light and make the room more inviting and warm ambiance.

Add storage to organize office clutter

Clutters are very common problems among offices. To maintain orderliness and encourage employees to organize the office stuff, add storages. 

Practice recycling

Millennials are aware of climate change, and they are making ways to prevent it. One of the simple ways to help Mother Earth is to encourage everyone to recycle by adding recycling stations at break rooms and office cafés.
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