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Wilson From ‘Home Improvement’ Was Based on Tim Allen’s Real Neighbor

If you grew up in the 90s, your childhood almost definitely includes memories of Tim Allen‘s TV sitcom, Home Improvement. The show became extremely popular in the United States, running for a total of eight seasons. Kids everywhere imitated Tim “The Tool-Man” Taylor’s manly grunts and calls for “More power!”

But as much as Home Improvement integrated itself into our childhood, it turns out the show is actually a big reflection of actor, Tim Allen’s own childhood — including everyone’s favorite character, the friendly, advice-giving neighbor, Wilson W. Wilson. 

Tim Allen only wore Michigan shirts on ‘Home Improvement’

Tim Allen speaks onstage
Tim Allen | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Promotions for Home Improvement often state the show was based around the stand-up comedy of its star actor, Allen. But it was also based in large part around Allen’s life in general. He was born in Colorado but moved to Michigan as a child, and so Allen considers the Great Lakes state his home.

In the show, Allen’s character, Tim Taylor, reflects this by only wearing T-shirts and sweatshirts with Michigan school logos. Colleges and Universities from

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