The Best Air Cooler Brands for Expelling Hot Air 2019

What is the difference between an Air Conditioner and an Air Cooler? Both are air conditioners. It’s just that the Air Cooler is portable and smaller. If the Air Conditioner is powered by electric power, there is an Air Cooler that is powered by batteries. However, there is also an Air Cooler that also uses electricity. Air Coolers produce cool air that tends to be humid. Because the Air Cooler is a cooler that comes from water. Inside the Air Cooler, there is a tank to be filled with clean water. In other words, the water is “fuel” from the Air Cooler. Well, if you want to buy the best quality Air Cooler, here is a list of the types of good air coolers

6 Types of Good and Quality Air Coolers

1. Vankool VAB18-EQ

Today, VAB18-EQ is known as one of the best types of best evaporative coolers. This type may sound foreign to your ears. However, it turns out that the VAB18-EQ is a type of air conditioner that has been on the market long enough and sells various types of air coolers. All air cooler designs from VAB18-EQ look very modern and practical. Also, there are … Read The Rest