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Green HouseGreatest Five Moveable Greenhouses which are Sturdy and fast to Build. No offence, however a lot of that data is fallacious! guinea pigs CAN eat califlour and cabbage, just not a lot red cabbage. Some meals’s declare to have long lasting vitamin C, because they do! Vitamin C is not damaged down over time. The one factor that may break it down is HEAT. And I am assuming you aren’t cooking your guinea pigs pellets.

I run a guinea pig rescue (The Guinea Garden) and the guinea pigs are fed Gerty Guinea pig and veg. Gerty guinea pig is a seed containing guinea pig meals. Its not all the same boring size and shape and texture, and really theres no such thing as selective feeding when you give your guinea pig the right amount of food. Admittedly, seeds ought to be avoided in case your guinea pig has a bladder ot kidney stone, or if it has cystitis. Guinea pigs ought to always be stored in teams.

Keep away from alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol is a infamous depressant. Although chances are you’ll discover a short aid from anxiety, alcohol will make it worse in the long run. The same goes … Read The Rest